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About CIS

A friendly touch to business.

“Simplifying Benefits”


We defined as, our ability to clearly and concisely explain a complicated health insurance marketplace. Helping employers and employees get questions answered to streamline decisions and select benefits which meet their needs.

New Client Process


Stage 1 - Initial Consultation – In our first meeting with prospective employers, we ask questions to gather information.


Stage 2 - Strategy – Sometimes this will take place in same meeting or in follow up communications. Our goal is to identify what is working and what is not with the current inforce policies. From this we can formulate a recommended strategy for the employer.


Stage 3 – Market Search / Analysis – we solicit proposals from the marketplace and begin building a solution.


Stage 4 - Comparative Review- usually done as a follow up in person meeting, we ask the client to select a policy(‘s) based on needs.


Stage 5 – Enrollment Process – includes enrollment meeting with employer/employees and form submissions to carrier.


Stage 6 – Group Number / ID Cards – group installation is complete. Employer benefit package is sent.

Inforce Clients


Customer service, billing/eligibility issues and any other administrative task are handled by either the account manager or broker.  Additional meetings/ benefit reviews throughout the year are available at request and the renewal process usually starts 45-60 days prior to renewal date.

Clearview Experience


Our goal is taking care of you the employer and employee! We are here to earn your trust! Advocate on your behalf and simplify the benefit information! You should expect us to be responsive, competitively priced, get your questions answer and provide you with a clear understanding of inforce benefit policies.


Matt grew up in Issaquah, Wa and now resides in North Bend staying close to his hometown origin. Matt has been a benefits broker since 2009. After many years of listening to business owners discuss their frustration with employee benefit plans, Matt had a solution. He realized that business owners needed an advocate for their employee benefits and someone who would provide a more responsive service, thus, in 2012 Clearview Insurance Services, Inc was formed. His vision was to show business owners a simplified view of how employee benefit plans should operate.


In his leisure time, Matt enjoys woodworking, golf, mountain biking, skiing and hiking throughout the beautiful PNW with his family, friends, and loyal Hound, Murphy

Amber comes to Clearview Insurance Services, Inc. with 14 years of experience in the healthcare industry, specifically focused on employer sponsored benefits packages that provide employee satisfaction and longevity with the employers they work for. Her client focused approach has provided ease of use and navigation in the ever changing healthcare industry. Always striving to stay on top of ACA compliance guidelines and carrier changes, she aims to be a useful instrument in the employee benefits world and assist in lightening the burden for employers who are busy running their businesses, in lieu of being benefits specialists.


Amber grew up in the Greater Eastside (Redmond/Bellevue) area of WA before planting roots 13 years ago in North Bend. She tremendously enjoys the beauty of our neck of the woods and spends time biking, hiking, walking and any time that can be spent at near by lakes and rivers which are abundant in the Snoqualmie Valley.


Her ultimate goal is to provide premiere customer service in all aspects of employer sponsored healthcare plans so that the employer feels confident and satisfied in knowing that no matter the issue, she is the ‘go to’ person to handle their issues. She is honored to be joining with Clearview Insurance and looks forward to the upcoming years assisting employers with their benefits packages.



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Account Manager

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